The demonstration that took place in Nicosia on the 21st November brought thousands of people together. This event provided a significant opportunity for the people to express their desire for peace and solution. The event showed clearly the common will and determination of the two communities for the unification of Cyprus.

Our hope was to see both leaders recognise the desire of the communities into an account and take a step to bring solution and peace to the island. However, the following announcements showed that the process did not go as it was expected.

Based on the outcome of the last night the Solution and Peace Platform makes following evaluation:

First of all, as the Solution and Peace Platform, we believe that the differing positions in Mont Pelerin do not mean to put an end to the ongoing process. Secondly, we would like to remind both leaders to keep their commitment to the 11th February Announcement and not the engage into blame games that can jeopardise the constructive dialogue.

To sustain the grounds for the constructive dialogue, the leaders must define their roadmap for the comprehensive solution and announce their determination for the unification of the island immediately. For this reason, Solution and Peace Platform calls for the both leaders announce their roadmap for the future of the Cyprus talks immediately.

Following to the statements of the Turkish Cypriot leader’s spokesperson, we believe that the unresolved principles on the territory that involves the territorial adjustment and the percentages on the number of refugees that able to return are still bridgeable. We believe that the disagreement on the administrative boundaries of the constituent states should not make the significant amount of the convergences on several chapters as void.

It is a historical reality that the political equality is the topic that has existential importance for the Turkish Cypriot community. It is clear that, the conditions that allow the realisation of the political equality can create peace, security and cooperation. For this reason, the fundamental point is the convergences around the political equality. At this point, we believe that it is necessary to overcome the challenge without taking any step back.

The process had been defined as the Cypriot-led and leader-led negotiation process. We are calling the UN undertake the overall convergences into an account. It is important to remind that delaying the process by creating artificial crisis does not bring any benefit to the people of Cyprus.

We do not have time to lose for the Solution and Peace. As the Solution and Peace Platform, we would like to emphasise that the struggle is continuing and we reaffirm our commitment to the creation of a Federal Cyprus.